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It seems we can only go so long without a trip. When I think ‘trip’, I think Latin America, South America — in other words a blast of rich culture somewhere else very different from here. Here is Vancouver, Canada.

There is something about staying here too long. You feel you loose perspective and that your reality is too limited or somewhat unreal. Monotomy settles in.

It wakes you up when you go somewhere really different. Seeing how other people live and their struggles brings a more complete reality in my mind. It forces you to look at what you want to focus on in life.

We’re planning a trip for January 2011. Maybe Peru, maybe Bolivia. Reading through a South America travel book but I’d really like to find some good blogs by travellers who’ve been to those places. We’d also like to volunteer, we can only do 2 weeks, with a low key organization — not the ones that charge $2000.

Can you suggest any links to travel blogs by individuals who have travelled to Peru or Bolivia? And organizations that you’ve volunteered with? Thanks!



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